The benefits of the coaxial PIEGA ribbon.


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If several chassis are provided in the baffle of a loudspeaker, these not only have to be assigned by the frequency crossover to the correct frequency range. It must also be ensured that all frequencies reach the ears of the listener at the same time. This requires difficult time of flight adjustments between the individual chassis.

As PIEGA’s coaxial ribbon systems enable the entire midrange and high frequency range to be radiated from the same point, no time of flight adjustments are required. All sound radiated from the loudspeaker reach your ears automatically at the same time: With PIEGA’s coaxial midrange tweeter systems, both the direct sound as well as the sound reflected from the floor, ceiling and walls all reach your ears in the correct phase to achieve perfect summation. These radiation characteristics also have the benefit that any listening position in the room can be selected as required.

Time error process of conventional loudspeakers

Another advantage of PIEGA Coax loudspeakers is that they react less to various room acoustics and therefore they sound “right” in every room. Conventional speakers with separate drivers for midrange and high frequencies have different acoustic centres in different locations, so the distance from the midrange and tweeter to the ear is always slightly different. As a result, these loudspeakers do not sound identical at different points in the room, as is the case with the coaxial PIEGA ribbon loudspeakers.

PIEGA COAX System compared to a conventional loudspeaker