Tips and tricks for maintaining your loudspeakers.

Your loudspeakers are very robust and do not require any maintenance. However, it may be necessary to remove dust, marks or finger prints from time to time. We recommend the following four steps below to keep your loudspeakers in top condition. Caution: Never touch the ribbon when cleaning! This may cause irreparable damage to the ribbon tweeter.

1. Remove your wristwatch and any jewellery. The magnets in the loudspeaker may bring your watch to a standstill and jewellery may produce some unsightly scratches

2. Use a standard commercial window cleaner and two microfiber cloths

3. Apply some window cleaner to a cloth and wipe the loudspeaker cabinet using long and gentle strokes. The membranes should be avoided and the ribbon should on no account be touched

4. Wipe the loudspeaker cabinet dry with the other cloth

As you can see, maintaining the loudspeakers does not require much. Keep to the steps described above and your loudspeakers will thank you with impeccable audio performance.