Coax 511

Even demanding HiFi fans with medium-sized living rooms can enjoy the unique sound culture of our coaxial midrange tweeter ribbons. Besides its exquisite and resonance free aluminium cabinet, the 115 cm high and only 22 cm wide Coax 511 features the exclusive PIEGA ribbon and four 16 cm subwoofers to ensure a powerful and full-bodied bass reproduction.

C111 coaxial ribbon

All high and midrange frequencies are radiated from a point source, thus reaching the listener correctly in phase.

Group 18

Four subwoofers

The extremely powerful bass of the Coax 511 is due to its large membrane area. Two subwoofers are actively driven and the other two membranes are passively oscillated.

Group 18


The tension improve modules (TIM) specially developed by PIEGA provides the entire cabinet with a controlled tension and thus prevents even the slightest cabinet vibration.

Group 18

Aluminium cabinets

Aluminium is the ideal material for loudspeaker cabinets thanks to its outstanding acoustic properties and elegant look.

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Elegant design

The highly elegant design with the rounded cabinet shape at the back is timeless and offers a stunning visual highlight in any living room.

Group 18

Top-class tweeter midrange system

The filigree and incredibly light foils of the Coax ribbon have significantly more surface area and require less movement than the diaphragms of conventional midrange tweeter loudspeakers. This makes the Coax 511 sound incredibly airy, dynamic and impulsive. It also ensures that the frequencies emitted by the coax ribbon always arrive in phase, regardless of the listening position. That’s why PIEGA Coax speakers sound “right” in any room.


We know our strengths. But also those of others. The woofers manufactured by the renowned chassis manufacturer SEAS offer powerful bass reproduction of the highest class. This loudspeaker offers four 160 mm woofers. Two of them are actively driven by the connected amplifier, while the other two are passive radiators and help the Coax 511 to create harmonious and deep bass reproduction.

Technical data

Recommended amplifier output
20 - 250 watt
90 db/W/m
4 ohms
Frequency range
32 Hz - 50 kHz
H 115 cm x W 22 cm x D 25 cm
32 kg
Design principle
3-way system floor-standing loudspeaker
2 x 160 mm UHQD, 2 x 160 mm UHQD passive membranes, 1 x C111 Coaxial ribbon
Bi-Wiring / PIEGA Multi Connectors
Cabinet in polished aluminium, loudspeaker cover in silver fabric. Cabinet in black anodised aluminium, loudspeaker cover in black fabric. Cabinet in white lacquer finish, loudspeaker cover in white fabric.


PIEGA Coax product description
General Information & Warranty
Test report Audiorequest (China) 04.2019
Test report Audiovision (GER) 02.2019
Test report Stereoplay (GER) 05.2017
Test report Audio (GER) 04.2017
Test report VUMETRE (FR) 2017

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