PIEGA's range of accessories consists of a few extensions for PIEGA loudspeakers, which were developed in-house. These accessories have been optimally adapted to our loudspeakers and are designed to further enhance their acoustic and aesthetic quality. Take a closer look at these clever accessories!

Loudspeaker cable

The state-of-the-art CableONE four-wire loudspeaker cable combines copper of the highest purity with a special crystalline structure and perfect insulation. It offers the ideal connection for our top loudspeakers equipped with a coaxial ribbon system. For all other sound systems we recommend the PIEGA CableTWO or CableTHREE two-wire copper cables, which fit perfectly with the legendary PIEGA ribbon tweeters. Our cables are also generally a really good tip for optimizing HiFi systems.

Base plates & spikes

Special base plates with spikes are used to absorb interfering frequencies and for acoustically decoupling the loudspeakers from the standing surface. Detailed sound information suddenly becomes audible by eliminating micro-vibrations.


Our loudspeakers are available with silver, black and white covers. Do you require a special colour? Please ask your dealer as we can supply other types on request.


These stable and secure stands can be fitted to our compact loudspeakers to enable an alternative to installation on a shelf or sideboard.

Ball joint & universal wall bracket

Wall brackets are a critical factor in ensuring the attractive look and perfect appearance of a PIEGA loudspeaker. Regardless of whether you choose the aluminium wall bracket for compact loudspeakers or the invisible mounting system for center speakers – both were specifically designed for our models.