Classic Series

The Classic Series features seven elegant loudspeaker models with a stand-out classic design.


The first PIEGA loudspeakers were produced almost 30 years ago in Horgen on the shore of Lake Zurich. That time saw the premier of many timelessly beautiful loudspeakers, all of which came with a perfect piano lacquer finish – an outstanding feature for the time.

The quartet offered innovative chassis and the first LDR ribbon tweeter developed and produced by PIEGA. It was from these beginnings that the PIEGA company grew over the decades to becoming now a leader in the construction of ribbon tweeters, coaxial midrange tweeter drivers, and the use of seamless aluminium cabinets.

The Classic Series provides lovers of classic loudspeakers with a perfect entry to the PIEGA world. Depending on the model, the series offers an outstanding AMT tweeter or PIEGA ribbon.