PIEGA is committed to providing best-in-class loudspeakers and superior sound quality, enabling music to not only be heard but also felt and experienced. Through innovation, ingenious materials and a lot of courage to blaze new trails, we build loudspeakers for you to enjoy a perfect musical experience – and have been doing so for over 30 years.

Hand crafted loudspeakers

Based in Horgen on Lake Zurich, PIEGA develops and builds loudspeakers with the superlative quality and timeless elegance that comes from Swiss perfection. We are committed to producing an outstanding audio experience based on leading edge technologies and constant innovation. Our scientific approach to loudspeakers is due to the fact that we are only satisfied with the highest quality.

The reproduction of music is the central focus of everything we do. Convince yourself and watch our COAX 711 video to see every single piece that make up the multiple prize winner! Find out in our Premium Wireles video why we give our best to produce only the very highest sound quality.

More about PIEGA

Award-winning sound

Over the years we have been honoured to receive many awards, prizes, certificates, medals, trophies and cups for our products. Receiving all this recognition and the constant confirmation of our work have been a tremendous encouragement.