In HiFi systems, a solid and dynamic bass sound from a subwoofer considerably amplifies subtle nuances in sound, and thus also relieves the burden on the amplifier of the HiFi system. Do know the feeling that bass notes cause in every fiber of your body? Our subwoofers make this possible.


A subwoofer turns music and film into an experience – whether this is a home cinema or in a stero system! Outputs of 250 or 500 watts ensure top quality sound effects and give the feeling that the helicopter is actually landing directly on the living room floor. Find out more!

What PIEGA subwoofers can do

Regardless of whether it’s live music, block busters or classical music – a PIEGA subwoofer provides your home cinema with the required and suitable portion of bass.

If you want to give your home cinema that bit of “extra perfection”, we offer two suitable solutions with our TMicro Sub and PS 101.

Both loudspeakers offer an outstandingly powerful bass performance and can be perfectly integrated in virtually any loudspeaker system.