FAQ – Premium Wireless Series

by Dominik Züger, Product developer


Do you want to learn more about our Premium Wireless System? Then you’ve come to the right place! Find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions on its functions and operating modes.


1. What is PIEGA Connect?

Our Connect is the interface between our Premium Wireless loudspeakers and your multiroom system, TV or HiFi components. In addition, it allows you to stream music directly from your device by using the integrated Bluetooth function.

2. Can I use Bluetooth streaming?

Yes! Simply use the Bluetooth pairing button to establish a connection between PIEGA Connect and your device (Mobile, iPad…).

3. Can the speakers be integrated with my current TV setup?

Yes. The speakers can easily be connected by plugging-in an analog cable into your TV’s headphone-input. HIFI-enthusiasts, who wish to maximize their sound experience may use an HDMI/analog transducer to connect our speakers to their TV.

4. How can I integrate my current multiroom system?

Connect your current multiroom system (Sonos, Heos, Bluesound, Google Chrome Cast etc.) with your Premium Wireless speakers first, then use your multiroom system provider’s App to control it. That way you will get the most of both: premium sound quality and state-of-the-art technology usage.

5. What exactly is the switch-function between both sources?

Imagine you are streaming Spotify on your Premium Wireless speaker. Now you want to watch a YouTube Video on your TV, which is also connected to your speakers. Once you turn on your TV and start streaming YouTube, the audio output will automatically switch and instead of listening to Spotify, you will hear the selected YouTube music video.

This function is a huge plus, as it has never been this simple to switch between available input sources (TV, Bluetooth, network player or multiroom system) without having to use a remote control for your speakers.

6. Can I connect my CD-player / turntables / network player?

Of course! PIEGA Connect has an analog and an optical output, both of which can easily be connected with your device of choice.

7. Why is there no remote control?

…. To save you from having yet another device sitting on your coffee table 😉. In case you are integrating Premium Wireless to a multiroom system like Sonos, you can simply use the Sonos-remote. If Premium Wireless is connected to your TV, use the TV-remote. And in case you went for the Bluetooth setup, use any Bluetooth-enabled device to control your sound system.

8. What is the ideal distance between the Bluetooth signal and the PIEGA connect?

As with any other Bluetooth connection, the stability highly depends on the room properties (walls, number of Bluetooth devices, etc.). We generally recommend the Bluetooth signal and speakers to be set up within viewing distance. Bear in mind, that a stable internet connection is a prerequisite for a trouble-free Bluetooth operation. For premium audio playback it is advisable to use an additional network player, for example Google Chromecast or any equivalent with the same functionality. Installing a network player can be a big advantage. Not only will you enjoy first-class sound quality but at the same you will be free to use your Bluetooth device (e.g. mobile phone) in any way you want – it is no longer used as audio playback source.

9. Where can I find information about  software-updates?

Updates to our Premium Wireless speakers and PIEGA Connect can be found by clicking on the links below. Choose „Download“ from the downloads section and select „FIRMWARE AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS“. Here you will find detailed installation instructions and the latest available software version:

10. Can I set-up my own Sound Tuning?

We want you to have the perfect sound experience, which is why our speakers are equipped with a selection of three speaker positions. Not every room is the same, but you can optimize room acoustics in your home by choosing the right position for the best possible sound quality:

  • Neutral: This position is recommended for rooms with optimal acoustics, meaning that speakers can be placed at least one meter from the wall.
  • Wall: This position is recommended for speakers that are placed less than 50 cm from the wall.
  • Corner: This position is recommended for speakers that are placed in a room corner.

Our tip: If your Premium speakers put out too much bass, try changing the settings to “Corner” or “Wall” on the panel at the back of your loudspeaker. Don’t be afraid to try all the options before you decide on your preferred setup.

11. Do the wireless speakers come without any cables?

The speakers are wirelessly controllable; however, they still need a power cable in order to guarantee unlimited operating hours.


Or just drop us an email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Meet Dominik!

Dominik joined PIEGA in mid of 2017 and quickly became an important part of the PIEGA family. By joining us, Dominik brought extensive experience and know-how within electronic design and development. Dominik has been a key player in the whole development phase of the new generation PIEGA speakers. Even though Dominik is rather new to the PIEGA family, he is actually an old fan of the house and has had PIEGA speakers at home long before he joined the company. He likes to refer to himself as “a true PIEGA enthusiast”!