02 Apr. 2019


Expect a disruptor to the market of wireless sound

by Alexander Greiner, Head of brand development


We have worked hard. Hard because we love music and how we enable people to hear, feel and experience the music like the musicians had created it – in their own homes. Since we, Manuel, Thomas and myself, took over the management of PIEGA in January 2018 we have tried to strengthen PIEGAs foundation for what’s ahead of us. This has included introducing a new look and feel for the PIEGA brand as well as a new brand promise “EXPECT MORE”.

It’s important to highlight that we are not creating a new PIEGA – but a stronger PIEGA that can go beyond the requests of today’s music lover. We are very fortunate and proud to have a strong existing base of PIEGA enthusiast within the HIFI community – and we will continue to loyally serve them by pushing the boundaries of music quality in home systems. But why should music enjoyment only be accessible for HIFI enthusiasts?


We encourage everyone to expect more in all aspects of life. “Expect More” is not only at the center of everything we do at PIEGA – but also a call out to you as a music lover. YOU SHOULD EXPECT MORE from the music quality you are surrounded by in your life. In recent years, people have increasingly more accepted lower music quality in exchange for easy usability and flexibility.


The past 1,5 years we have been working on this new product which should connect the two worlds; the digital and high-end sound. This product-project has been a big focus for us and we are all very excited. During the process, we have definitely had our doubts if we would get there. Historically we have killed products if we couldn’t reach PIEGA sound quality. But this time, it hasn’t only been dependent on the sound quality alone but the new technology we have embedded in the speakers as well. As a pure sound expert like PIEGA we have entered unknown grounds. However, with some new people on board and strong partners we have reached our goal. NOT ONE COMPROMISE has been made and we are more than ready to introduce you our new product, in just a few days, when we launch 5th of April 2019.


The new system will not only enable the modern music lover to not just stream music directly from your smartphone but also integrate with any current multiroom system OR the new Bluetooth record turntable you just bought!?!

We hope you will like what we are bringing to you. It’s a big milestone for us and we hope it will be for you as a modern music lover too. We at least, look forward to hearing your feedback! But for now, we have to wait another few days! So let’s catch up again 5th of April?!


Lastly, I would like to use this opportunity to thank the whole PIEGA family for their efforts. Every single person in the team has contributed to this new product and the launch thereof. However, a special thanks to Dominik Züger who has been the engineer behind this new generation of PIEGA speakers – the disruptors to wireless sound!

I wish you all a nice day!

Meet Alexander Greiner

Alexander Greiner is one of the sons of Leo Greiner, one of PIEGAs founders. Alex joined the company in 2008. Despite his young age of 32 we celebrated his 10 years anniversary last year. Alexander has worked in all areas of PIEGA’s value chain from production to IT infrastructure development to general management. However, Alexanders true passion lays within the product and the music reproduction. Since the generation shift in January 2018 has Alexander been heading up Brand Development and was heavily involved in the development of the new generation of PIEGA speakers.

Meet Dominik Züger

Dominik joined PIEGA in mid of 2017 and quickly became an important part of the PIEGA family. By joining us, Dominik brought extensive experience and know-how within electronic design and development. Dominik has been a key player in the whole development phase of the new generation PIEGA speakers. Even though Dominik is rather new to the PIEGA family, he is actually an old fan of the house and has had PIEGA speakers at home long before he joined the company. He likes to refer to himself as “a true PIEGA enthusiast”!