AP 1.2

One of the advantages of aluminium as a material is that this extremely stable housing material can also be used to make small loudspeakers. The AP 1.2 universal loudspeaker is a beautiful example of this product category. Its truly diagonal shape not only makes it the ideal sidekick to any flat screen TV but also offers the benefit of not producing any interfering frequencies inside the housing.

Full-bodied tweeters and subwoofers

The 140 mm low midrange driver comes with exclusive PIEGA MDS technology, which provides the membrane with a particularly large and absolutely linear range of movement. Together with the phenomenal LDR 2642 Mk II ribbon tweeter this produces the surprisingly complete and very harmonious sound of the AP 1.2 with its uniquely compact design.

Group 18

Universal applications

The flexibly adjustable wall bracket supplied with the AP 1.2 ensures versatile mounting. Regardless of whether it is to be used as a stereo loudspeaker, center speaker or for rear surround sound channels, either vertically or horizontally, in solo operation or in combination with an active subwoofer – a beautiful stereo or home cinema listening experience is guaranteed in any configuration.

Group 18

Technical data

Recommended amplifier output
20 - 150 watt
89 db/W/m
4 ohms
Frequency range
50 Hz - 50 kHz
H 28 cm x W 9 cm x D 14 cm
5 kg
Design principle
2-way system loudspeaker
1 x 13 cm MDS® bass, 1 x LDR 2642 MKII ribbon tweeter
Cabinet in silver aluminium, cover in silver fabric. Cabinet in black aluminium, cover in black fabric. Cabinet in white lacquer finish, cover in white fabric.


Product description AP 1.2
Universal PIEGA operating instructions
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Test report avguide.ch (GER) 12.2015
Test report Satvision (GER) 11.2015
Test report avguide.ch (GER) 12.2015

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