Our solution for restricted spaces - find out here more about our compact loudspeakers and their benefits.

AP 1.2 compact loudspeaker

Our installation products are easy to integrate and ideal for use in restricted spaces. Our AP 1.2 loudspeaker is fastened directly to the wall and thus fits very well in rooms. The flexibly adjustable wall bracket in the scope of delivery enables the AP 1.2 to be installed in a wide range of different situations.

Whether as a stereo loudspeaker, center speaker or for the rear surround channels, whether vertically or horizontally, whether in solo operation or combined with an active subwoofer – in each configuration, a beautifully sounding stereo or home cinema experience is guaranteed. A loudspeaker which is also particularly suitable for hotels, restaurants or businesses.

In-wall & in-ceiling

For rooms in which there is not enough space for conventional loudspeakers, PIEGA’s in-wall and in-ceiling products offer an attractive solution. These use the voids of a suspended ceiling or wall openings provided by the customer as the “cabinet volume” of the loudspeakers and are hardly noticeable after successful installation.