Master Line Source

The Master Line Source, the absolute flagship of the PIEGA loudspeakers, was produced over several years of development. It operates on the line source principle, which is considered by audio experts as the ideal transducer. All frequencies are radiated as coherent cylindrical sound waves. Thanks to the enormous membrane area of the line source loudspeaker, its sound producing area is considerably greater than with conventional loudspeakers and exhibits only extremely low distortion.

24 line source ribbon tweeters

Of the 24 ribbon tweeters of the MLS, 12 radiate to the front and the other 12 located on the back radiate to the rear.

Group 18

9 midrange ribbons

The nine dipole midrange ribbons radiating to the front and rear provide a uniquely delicate sound reproduction of all instruments and voices.

Group 18


Both elements of the Master Line Source come with a polished aluminium cabinet. Other designs are available on request.

Group 18

Separate bass tower

Subwoofers of the special kind: six 22 cm subwoofers guarantee voluminous bass reproduction down to a frequency of 18 hertz.

Group 18


With a weight of 420 kg and a height of 175 cm, the MLS requires a suitable large listening area.

Group 18


The entire baffle of the midrange panel is cut from one solid aluminium block offering outstanding stability and damping. The aluminium block consists of a special alloy
offering maximum rigidity and internal damping and is also
annealed in an hour long process to remove stresses. The entire cutting process for the baffles alone requires several hours as only this ensures the required precision.


The Master Line Source can only be produced from the meticulous workmanship of an experienced member of the PIEGA crew. A long wait time – untypical of PIEGA – for the delivery of these giants of sound is therefore not uncommon. The Master Line Source is produced at the company headquarters without haste and with a great deal of precision and value for the product.
A masterpiece of loudspeaker construction made from the hands of masters of the ultimate in audio enjoyment.

Technical Data

Recommended amplifier output
94 db/W/m
4 Ohm
Frequency range
18 Hz - 50 KHz
Mid/high range panel: H 175 x W 44 x D 3 cm / Bass tower: H 175 x W 34 x D 62 cm
420 kg
Design principle
3-way system dipole system loudspeaker
Mid/high range panel: 24 LDR 2642 MKII ribbons (12 on the front and rear side), 9 midrange ribbons MLS 110-100 dipole, bass tower: 6 MOM® bass, 220 mm Ø
Bi-Wiring / WBT
Polished aluminium cabinet, loudspeaker cover in black or silver. Special designs on request.


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