Master Line Source 3

This innovative dipole speaker enables an extraordinary music experience anywhere in your living.

Stunning appearance

The MLS 3 with its height of 165 cm, is the smallest loudspeaker of the Master Line Source Series and is ideally suited for larger living rooms.

Group 18

Bass perfection

Two completely new 180 mm UHQD bass units and two UHQD passive membranes are used to provide a powerful bass.

Group 18

Acoustic lenses

The rear acoustic lenses diffuse the sound extensively allowing you to place this dipole speaker in your living room like a conventional speaker.

Group 18

Swiss design

Like the MLS two, the MLS 3 was also developed in close collaboration with Swiss designer Stephan Hürlemann and is available in four different finishes.

Group 18

Innovative dipole speaker

The elegant speaker is designed as a line source speaker with dipole radiator characteristics. Four ribbon tweeters guarantee a supremely natural, detailed and spatial sound. This is enhanced by the two 180 mm woofers and two same-sized passive radiators with a powerful bass foundation.


The only 23 centimeter wide baffle has been provided with a smaller and specially crafted version of the ribbon for the midrange/high frequency range. These four ribbons were installed above each other in a line. They operate on the dipole principle and radiate the sound to the front and rear simultaneously in the form of a vertical cylindrical sound wave. A slatted acoustic lens here ensures the production of a completely diffuse sound field behind the MLS 3.

Technical Data

Recommended amplifier output
20 - 500 watt
92 db/W/m
4 ohms
Frequency range
28 Hz - 50 kHz
H 165 x W 23 x D 33 cm
65 kg
Design principle
Dipole 3-way system with acoustic lens
4 x Line Source Drivers, 111 2 x 18 cm UHQD basses, 2 x 18 cm UHQD passive radiators
Bi-Wiring/PIEGA multi-connectors
Baffle in silver anodised aluminium, cabinet painted silver, speaker cover silver. Baffle in black anodised aluminium, cabinet painted high-gloss black, speaker cover black. Baffle in white, cabinet painted high-gloss white, speaker cover white or black. Baffle in black anodised aluminium, cabinet in Zebrano matt veneer speaker cover black. Special design variants upon request.


Universal PIEGA operating instructions
Product Descrition Master Line Source 3
Test report Fidelity (GER) 06.2019
Test report Audio (GER) 02.2019
Test report (GER) 11.2018
Test report China (Chinese) 11.2018
Test report AudioVideo online (RU) 11.2018

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