Coax Series

«Perhaps the most important instrument of the 20th century is not the guitar, the synthesizer or something similar, but the loudspeaker.» Brian Eno


The Coax Series is hand crafted and produced with maximum precision. None of our loudspeakers leave our production before being tested and adjusted. The current Coax Series, which includes the Coax 311 shelf loudspeaker as well as the two Coax 511 and Coax 711 stand boxes with heights of well over one meter, represents already the second generation of the Coax loudspeakers. The trio offers cabinets made from extruded aluminium, which provides the loudspeaker not only with a stylish and elegant look but also offers outstanding stability. In this way we ensure that power is not lost through vibrating cabinet walls.


The latest Coax Series features the Tension Improve Module (TIM) perfected by PIEGA. These modules keep the entire cabinet under a controlled tension, thus suppressing even the smallest cabinet vibrations. Any residual micro resonances are completely eliminated with new visco-elastic damping foils.


In all essential points, our second generation Coax systems are a further development of the previously used drivers. The ingenious basic operating principle of the annular midrange ribbon was enhanced through the use of stronger neodymium magnets and pole plates made from high tensile steel. This enables a higher degree of efficiency to be achieved. The layout of the flat coils underneath the foil membrane and the damping of the foil membranes were also optimized. The new UHQD subwoofers come with titanium oscillating coil mounts, a new suspension system, and specially shaped and coated aluminium membranes that are extremely rigid. The standing loudspeakers provide these as passive radiators.