Master Series

“The Master Line Source is the best that loudspeaker construction can achieve.” The German Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper

Master Series

Our Master Line Source models are milestones in loudspeaker construction. After extensive research, calculations and many sleepless nights, we have been able to combine the worldwide uniqueness of the coaxial ribbon system in a dipole radiating system. Find out more about it!


Anyone who knows our long-standing head of development, Kurt Scheuch, knows that he can neither rest on his laurels nor banish any exciting inspirations to the bottom drawer. When developing this high-end loudspeaker, the concept model for the so-called Line Source arose. These models enable all frequencies to be radiated as a coherent cylinder sound wave – a principle for which the ribbon technology would be ideally suited. No sooner thought than done. After many years of work and considerable development effort, the first Master Line Source loudspeaker was completed in 2013. A loudspeaker with absolute sound fidelity without limits. A perfectly synchronized festival for all the senses – or in other words: stunning musical authenticity.


The Line Source ribbons are designed with a linear source. This enables several of these systems to be cascaded in line vertically in the loudspeaker to form a genuine line source. The LineSource drivers are also designed as dipoles and thus enable a unique “liveliness” in sound reproduction.


The Master Line Source and the somewhat smaller Master Line Source 2 and 3 have a unique design and are hand crafted down to the smallest detail. The building of a Master loudspeaker requires one to two weeks of unimanagebly painstaking manual work. This is followed by careful testing before the loudspeaker can leave our production.

Find out here more about the Line Source ribbon