Master Line Source 2, a purchase for life?


February 2020
your PIEGA-Team


After many years of intensive development, the Master Line Source Series has become our flagship. All three loudspeakers of the series operate on the line source principle and are meticulously crafted in Horgen on the shores of lake Zurich, with the aim of guaranteeing supreme sound quality. With an impressive height ranging from 165 cm to 176 cm, all three models of the Master Line Source Series are bound to be a real eye-catcher in your living room.

We were curious to find out why customers opt for a speaker of our MLS series. Therefore, we met with Lorenzo from Zurich, proud owner of the Master Line Source 2, and questioned him on his personal decision making process. Read on to find out what he says:


1. Was the MLS 2 your first PIEGA loudspeaker?

Lorenzo: No, I’ve been familiar with PIEGA for quite some time. My first PIEGA was a C3 Ltd, followed by a Coax 711 a few years later and the MLS 2 that I’ve had for about a year now. True to the motto: once PIEGA, always PIEGA!

2. Tell me about your decision process to purchase the MLS 2.

Lorenzo: It was quite a long decision-making process. For one thing because I really enjoy the evaluation stage, it’s part of the hobby and secondly, no one wants to buy a pig in a poke. In other words, I have listened once or even twice to all eligible loudspeakers at the dealers (at times I even showed up with my power amplifiers). The shortlist was then finalized at home, because room properties (even more so than electronics) still have the biggest impact on the performance. In the end I purchased from Cuel in Zurich.

3. What are the components you are using?

Lorenzo: I use the latest Neukomm 135 as mono channel power amplifiers, two for every loudspeaker – one for the woofer and another for the mid and high frequencies. They are connected with a Neukomm loudspeaker cable. An obvious choice for me, as Neukomm best knows its own power amplifiers and optimizes its cables accordingly.
As DAC I use the MSB Reference DAC together with the femto 77 clock (plans to upgrade to femto 33 are already in place), a preamplifier for analogue volume control and a rendering module. I use the Innuos Statement music server as digital source and an I2S cable to connect it to the rendering module of the DAC. The music server itself is connected via Ethernet cable from Cardas, which plays streamed music (Qobuz and Tidal) in remarkable quality thanks to the server’s re-clocking. At the same time, the Innuos serves a Roon Core. Roon, in my opinion, provides the most state-of-the-art solution in terms of UI, usability and handling meta data. (…) I have spent an infinite number of hours listening to music and tuning the whole setup to my personal liking in terms of clarity, definition, reproduction, timbre and authenticity.

4. How was the speaker’s stately appearance in your living room received by those around you?

Lorenzo: In general, very positive. Luckily, my partner is also very tolerant in this regard. It certainly helps, that she enjoys the sound of our hi-fi system. But yes, the speaker’s stately appearance doesn’t fail to impress our visitors. The MSL 2 definitely has a high wow factor, although for some they come with a lower WAF (Woman Acceptance Factor).

(Source: Lorenzo)

5. What do you particularly like about your loudspeakers?

Lorenzo: Their ability never to sound strained. Thanks to their enormous membrane area in the mid/high frequencies, they never fail to provide an immaculate reflection of the instrument’s natural sound, offering an authentic sound experience in both width and depth. What also strikes me is the MLS2’s ability to grow along. No matter what changes I made to the setup – even just changing a single cable – the loudspeakers adjusted instantly, anticipating every change and scaling accordingly.

6. In your opinion, is there anything that could be improved?

Lorenzo: Hmm, the only thing I can find fault with a speaker in this price category is the manufacturing quality of the cabinet.

7. MLS 2 – a purchase for life?

Lorenzo: Definitely! Unless an even “better PIEGA” emerges in the future. But one should never say never – a hobby easily transforms into a bottomless pit. Taking the time to listen to music and enjoying your stereo’s full potential is what is most important!

8.And finally, do you have any advice for potential future MLS 2 owners?

Lorenzo: Take your time whilst positioning your loudspeakers – it will be worth it! At first, I placed mine relatively far apart, also because I like a big stage. However, in accordance with PIEGA’s recommendation, they are now set up in a ratio of 1:1.5 (speaker to the point of listening). A small adjustment with a great impact on the sound quality.

MLS 2 - Facts

Four Line Source Driver ribbons ensure unforgettable sound reproduction for all midrange and high frequencies. Their production requires several hours of meticulous craftsmanship. The MLS 2 also comprises of two 220 mm UHQD subwoofers and two equally sized UHQD passive membranes radiating at the back, that provide its powerful bass sound. Its rear acoustic lenses allow for the dipole speaker to be positioned close to the wall, fitting almost perfectly into spacious living rooms.


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