Our Highlights: Ribbon technology and aluminium cabinets.

The characteristics of our loudspeakers

your PIEGA Team


Besides their perfect sound quality, PIEGA loudspeakers also come in an attractive and stylish design. We always strive to achieve innovative products in order to meet our own exacting standards. However, two typical features of PIEGA loudspeakers are always upheld – our ribbon technology and our aluminium cabinets.

PIEGA’s tweeter and coaxial ribbon

The principle of all of our ribbon technology systems is the fact that the membrane used here also acts as the voice coil , i.e. the actual driver. This membrane can be kept ultra-thin and thus very light because it is caused to vibrate evenly over its entire surface.
This small moving mass in turn allows the membranes to be accelerated extremely quickly so that they can follow the music signal precisely. For example, the membrane of our LDR tweeters is 50 times lighter than conventional dome tweeters.

Greater efficiency and linearity for sound reproduction

The other benefits of the ribbon technology include its higher efficiency, excellent cooling properties, thus preventing thermal compressions, as well as its highly linear and distortion free sound reproduction. Ribbon systems are therefore ideal for high and midrange frequencies. However, compared to conventional cone and dome drivers, the technical effort involved in the construction of ribbon systems is considerably greater.

Our tweeters and ribbons in detail:

Line Source ribbon

The LineSource drivers have a very similar design. Unlike the coaxial midrange tweeter systems, the tweeter is not designed as a point source but as a line source. This enables us to cascade several of these systems vertically to form a genuine line source. The LineSource drivers are dipoles that radiate to the front and back at the same time, thus giving music a particularly spatial and live quality and giving listeners the impression of being located at the center of the musical experience.

Coaxial midrange tweeter ribbons

The special feature of the coaxial ribbon tweeters is that the entire frequency range above 400 hertz is radiated from the same point source. This means that the audio signals always reach the listener’s ear cleanly – irrespective of the height or angle of the loudspeaker in relation to the listener.

Furthermore: As our ribbon systems ensure that the direct sound components and the sound reflected from the surfaces of the room always reach the listeners in the correct phase, loudspeakers with coaxial ribbons also react far less to different room acoustics. For you this means that a COAX loudspeaker sounds “right” in every room.

LDR ribbon tweeters

The LDR ribbon tweeters essentially embody all of PIEGA’s experience in the construction of ribbon systems. Designs that have been optimized over decades today enable us to produce virtually faultless sound systems. Besides the optimized layout of the flat coil, the same system is used for damping the membrane as with the Coax and Line Source drivers. Exceptional resolution capacity, perfect linearity in frequency and time, fantastic efficiency and perfect decay behaviour are only some of the features of the legendary tweeters. Extremely light membranes and the strongest driver provide the foundation for unmatched musical enjoyment.

AMT tweeters

The AMT tweeters are close relatives of the PIEGA ribbon systems. These also use very light membranes that offer superior quality compared to conventional designs. Their design is not as complex as for the LDR tweeters, which means that the cost and effort required for their production is kept within reasonable limits.

Aluminium as cabinet material

At PIEGA, aluminium cabinets have a decades long tradition. For good reason: This material has a number of benefits that have a positive effect on the sound and the appearance of our loudspeakers.

Bass loudspeakers not only cause the air to vibrate in the room as required, but also inside the cabinet. The cabinet walls of the loudspeaker must be as rigid and perfectly damped as possible in order for them not to resonate and thus impair bass reproduction. Aluminium is a very rigid material so that cabinets made from it do not vibrate and thus do not produce any inherent sound.

The cabinets for PIEGA loudspeakers are pressed from a solid aluminium block. As a result of this production from a solid block, they do not have any seams and are processed with excellent precision. They can also be produced in shapes that are not only fantastic, but also do not give any opportunity for standing waves inside the cabinet thanks to the elegant round shapes possible. The natural sound reproduction is thus one of the significant benefits of our aluminium cabinets.

The comparatively small wall thickness of aluminium cabinets is also another benefit, enabling very compact and slimline loudspeakers to be created, which cannot be produced with conventional wooden cabinets.