Which loudspeaker is the right one for me?


your PIEGA Team


So you want to buy a new loudspeaker? Congratulations! But which one is the right one? To answer this question, different factors have to be considered. The following are the most important factors:

•  What do I need in terms of quality and what is my available budget?
•  How large is my listening space and the listening distance?
•  What volume level do I require?

Just ask yourself the question whether you like to listen to music in the background while doing other things, or whether you wish to experience the live concerts at home with unerring authenticity. We offer the right loudspeaker for both options.

Our Classic and TMicro models already allow you to enjoy music with a high level of quality. With the Premium models, things get a bit more serious, and the Coax Series and also the Master loudspeakers enable you to experience what composers and musicians originally intended to convey – experiencing total musical immersion at the source. Take a closer look at the individual series!

What is important when buying a loudspeaker?

When buying speakers, make sure that they can be placed in your desired listening room. Basically it is better to place a smaller loudspeaker optimally than to push a large loudspeaker into the corner of a room.

On the other hand, you should make sure that the speakers in the desired room can also achieve the preferred sound pressure level. For example, it makes no sense to operate a small shelf loudspeaker in a 120 m2 room. PIEGA loudspeakers are normally specified for the intended room size.

To make a final decision, we recommend to listen to the loudspeaker at a dealer near you.

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